What is the process when I place my order?

Orders are typically processed the same day, if you place your order before 5pm. You should receive a notification with tracking information within 5-7 business days once it has been processed. Once the product is received from fabrication, it goes through an inspection process. We build a custom wooden crate around your larger glass to protect it while shipping.

Will I receive notification when my item ships?

We strive to notify all customers with a tracking number through our system. Please set up an account so you can check progress. We do not send out unwanted spam. We do not sell our e-mail addresses.

How can I modify or cancel my order?

Please be sure you are ordering the correct glass that is needed for your project and/or replacement as we can not change the order once it has been sent to fabrication. Orders generally begin fabrication same day or within 1 business day.

What is the key difference between annealed and tempered glass?

Tempered glass has been heat treated to be more durable than annealed glass. Tempered will hold up to more wear and tear. Another major difference is the cost involved. Annealed glass is considerably less in most cases. Cheaper windows on the market today are made from annealed glass. However, where safety is very important, tempered glass is a better choice. Tempered glass will shatter into small pieces if broken where annealed can break into many sharp and jagged shards of glass. When deciding between the two consider its application in which it will be used. Use tempered glass wherever there is a danger of breakage or safety is a concern.

What is a seamed edge?

A seamed edge is not a decorative edge. A seamed edge has been lightly sanded in order to eliminate any sharp edges, making it safe to handle. A seamed edge is most often used in applications where the edges are being laid into a table top frame or slid into a channel. By selecting a seamed edge you understand that it is roughly sanded and intended to be buried, encased and not exposed. If you select a polish (i.e. flat polish, bevel, etc) to NOT be on all sides of your glass, the remaining sides will come seamed unless otherwise specified. If a completely finished edge is desired on all sides please be sure to order your glass with a polish on all sides. No refunds will be given or returns accepted for seamed edges unless otherwise specified.