Custom Glass Shelving

snap_6The difference between a store-bought, pre-made glass shelve, and one you can buy at our site is very significant. Store bought shelves are of a lower quality than the shelves you can get here, and only come in a few standard configurations.

Our shelves are made of strong, sturdy, high-quality glass that you can order in the exact size and shape that you need, and in the exact colors you want to match your decor. Put two or more shelves together and create a design on your walls. Or, get a variety of colors as part of the design. Don’t settle for low-end store shelves when you can get the best glass shelves here.

Not sure how big your shelves should be? Use or glass weight load calculator to find out. Glass Weight & Load Calculator

All of the shelves are custom cut in our facility and shipped to your door in one piece.

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This product is used most often for shelves, some fireplaces and table tops. Tempered glass breaks into many small pieces when broken and usually never cracks. For more information on the benefits of tempered glass you can click here.
Often used in small pieces. This product is not considered a safety glass. Annealed glass does not shatter into small pieces. If broken, the piece will crack into large shards. Maximum Annealed Glass Size: 24" x 24". For pieces larger than this please select Tempered Glass.
These products are made to withstand very high temperatures and are often used in woodstoves, gas stoves, ovens, halogen lamps, and laboratories. Ceramic glasses do not shatter. If broken, the piece will crack into large shards.
Our Mirrors are commonly used in Bathrooms. Mirrors are not tempered.