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All of our tempered glass is manufactured WITHOUT a Tempered tag, If your require a Tempered tag, please check the box. Click here for more information on tempered tags.

Gray Rectangle Tempered Glass

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Cutting tolerance is 1/8"

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How do I know if I need edgework? What is a seamed edge?

A seamed edge is not a decorative edge. A seamed edge has been lightly sanded in order to eliminate any sharp edges or burrs making it safe to handle. A seamed edge is most often used in applications where the edges are being laid into a table top frame or slid into a channel. We exceed all industry standards. In a seamed edge, slight flaring and chipping may occur. This is normal.

If you are ordering this glass for a table top, coffee table or any application where the edge will be seen, we highly recommend you choose one of our more decorative edges.


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